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Here at MMS Access Control, we work in partnership with our sister company, Mellow Marsh Software, to provide the very best service in the CCTV industry.
From analogue to IP CCTV setups, we are happy to help no matter your requirement.

We offer the below services to help you get the most out of your CCTV system:

Our expert team will work with you to understand your CCTV requirements in order to provide you with the best possible service from your CCTV setup.

We supply the whole market and are not tied to specific manufacturers so we can select the best products for you based upon your needs to ensure that you get the most appropriate system in a cost effective manner.

What system is recommended?

With the ever changing world, IP CCTV is becoming a more popular choice when it comes to CCTV. This is because IP cameras have a large number of benefits over regular analogue cameras. To help you decide which system would be more appropriate for you, we have listed some of the key differences between IP and Analogue CCTV below.


IP CCTV allows for the video being captured to be transmitted not only over your existing network setup, but also over the internet as well.

This provides a key benefit over conventional analogue cameras as this means you are not reliant on only a recording device locally.
Offering the ability to record remotely means that should anything happen such as an onsite recorder gets dmanaged or stolen, your CCTV footage is still available on any off site recording you opt for.

Because of this feature, you get the possibility to view and manage your CCTV recordings both locally and remotely alongside the important benefit that camera footage can be backed up. You can even record multiple different sites on a single remote recording system allowing for easy management of your system.

Camera Performance

Compared to analogue cameras, IP cameras are able to offer a much larger video resolution due to the newer technologies used. Typically offering a minimum of a 3 times higher resolution, this means you get much more detail in your video footage enabling you to easily see what has been occuring.

Due to the benefits of the higher video resolution, IP cameras are also often able to cover a much larger area then conventional analogue cameras. This not only reduces cost, but also cuts down the number of cameras that you would need to manage.

Easier to Install

Where as analogue cameras require their own power source and a dedicated cable feed from each camera to the recording unit, IP cameras offer a great deal of flexility as they can be connected to your existing IP network.

As IP cameras use normal internet cable to communicate, they can be connected to any available network socket in the building and will be instantly accessible by any device on your network, they can also be wireless so even those awkward places can still be monitored!

This allows the cameras to be quickly and easily setup and viewed from any computer on the network with the appropriate access, and thanks to a technology called POE (Power over Ethernet), your wired cameras could even be powered from the 1 network cable removing the need for power outlets near by!

Integration into other systems

As the majority of items in your home and office are now "smart" or connected to the internet in some way, this allows a great deal of flexibility with CCTV integrations when it comes to IP setups.

Because of this, IP cameras can be easily integrated into other office features such as your access control system or even your phone system.

With the possibility of CCTV video being shown on your phone when someone rings the door or even the option to push recordings via email or FTP on motion, IP cameras offer a much easier and efficient solution compared to a closed circuit analogue setup.

Value for money

Because of the features listed above, IP CCTV provides a much better value for money due to its ability to use existing cabling and also the ability to use less cameras to cover the same area of space.

If you require help with your existing CCTV setup or are looking for a new system, why not contact us to discuss your CCTV requirements.

Case Studies

Below are some of the CCTV jobs we have done in the past. Please click on the job below to see the case study.

MMS work in partnership with globally recognised software and hardware providers.
Our partnerships enables us to offer you competitive prices on 3rd party technology.

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