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CCTV Services

In partnership with our sister company, Mellow Marsh Software, the Access Control division provides Digital CCTV services (also known as IP).

Our expert team will work with you to understand the business requirements in terms of CCTV provision. We can carry out an audit of existing software/hardware and make recommendations to upgrade to the standard you design or carry out a new install from the design and planning stage to full installation. We also carry out maintenance on systems and will schedule this with you.

We supply the whole market and are not tied to specific manufacturers so we can select the best products for you based upon your needs to ensure that you get the most appropriate system in a cost effective manner.

IP CCTV offers a huge range of advantages over traditional analogue CCTV products including

To highlight the key differences between IP and Analogue CCTV please see the table below

  • Images can be transmitted over existing networks or the internet
  • Images can be viewed and recorded and are backed up
  • Multiple sites can be managed with one system
  • Can only record locally meaning a recording device is required
  • If the recording device is damaged or stolen the images will also be lost with it
Better Camera Performance
  • High resolution detail at least 3 times better than analogue systems
  • Higher quality of images offering more detailed information when reviewing
  • Maximum resolution of just 414,720 pixels limiting the quality of images
  • Limitations to the size of the area the camera can record resulting in potential increased costs through investment in more cameras to meet coverage requirements
Easier System Installation
  • IP CCTV cameras can be wired but can also be wireless using existing IP networks
  • Images can be viewed via a PC with a network / internet connection
  • Power over Ethernet (POE) cameras do not require separate power connections
  • Each individual camera has to be wired to its own DVR or monitor
  • Each camera requires a connection to a power source
Better System Integration
  • Can integrate with other IP based systems such as access control and phone systems
  • Images can be automatically transmitted to other IP systems such as video phones
  • Images can be easily transmitted via email or FTP
  • These are closed circuit systems that don't easily integrate with other systems
  • Transmission of data and data back ups are manual, labour intensive tasks
Better Value
  • One camera systems can be operated with existing networks and technology including PC's using internet explorer
  • Set up costs are low due to the use of existing infrastructure, even across multiple sites
  • Even with improved performance and a higher quality product IP CCTV is priced equivalently to Analogue.
  • To cover multiple sites or large areas, additional investment in hardware and set up will be required
  • Data is not automatically backed up meaning a manual task with associated costs for the same peace of mind offered with IP CCTV

Please contact us to discuss your CCTV requirements.

MMS work in partnership with globally recognised software and hardware providers. Our partnerships enables us to offer you competitive prices on 3rd party technology.

Our service provision is independent so you can rest assured our recommendations are based on what is best for your business.